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net-snmp configure for SNMPv3 (linux)

Download from

Install openssl-dev to support encryption into net-snmp

run in bash
net-snmp-create-v3-user -a SHA -A “abcd12345″ -x AES -X “abcd12345″ tomaspospisil
snmpwalk -v 3 -On -l authPriv -u tomaspospisil -a SHA -A abcd12345 -x AES -X abcd12345 localhost 1
snmptrap -v 3 -l AuthPriv -a SHA -A “abcd12345″ -x AES -X “abcd12345″ -u tomaspospisil 41 .

How to get localized password key from snmpd configuration:
After you add new user and start snmpd daemon:
locate file /var/net-snmp/snmpd.conf
For every user there is line like:
usmUser 1 3 0x80001f88809907967e3a00ec5000000000 “newuser” “newuser” NULL . 0xcc036e328eaebb3948ef3f20d082a0e1 . 0xcc036e328eaebb3948ef3f20d082a0e1 0x
In this example ‘cc036e328eaebb3948ef3f20d082a0e1′ is password key for Auth and Priv