PowerShell with WMI

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
– WmiPrvSE – Process that runs WMI Providers
– wbemtest – integrated WMI tool in Windows, hit start and type wbemtest

Get-WmiObject # command for executing WMI operations within PowerShell, gwmi is shortcut

– List Namespaces in root: Get-WmiClass -namespace root -class __NAMESPACE
– List Namespaces in root\cimv2: Get-WmiClass -namespace root\cimv2 -class __NAMESPACE
– List Classes in Namespace: Get-WmiClass -namespace root\cimv2\power -list
– List Instances of a Class: Get-WmiClass -namespace root\cimv2\power -class Win32_PowerPlan

Scripting guy blog – big repository of usefull scripts, not only in PowerShell


Scrum development


A key principle of Scrum is its recognition that during a project the customers can change their minds about what they want and need (often called “requirements churn”), and that unpredicted challenges cannot be easily addressed in a traditional predictive or planned manner. As such, Scrum adopts an empirical approach—accepting that the problem cannot be fully understood or defined, focusing instead on maximizing the team’s ability to deliver quickly and respond to emerging requirements.

Delivery every iteration something usable “releasable” to customer.

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Creating Effective User Stories


User story

  • placeholder for conversation
  • Independent
  • Negotiable
  • Valuable – for end user
  • Estimate-able
  • Small
  • Testable


  • Brief – designed to
  • High level – defer details

Are not:

  • Detailed – defers design to last responsible moment
  • Set in stone – designed to be flexible

The story format

As a {role} I want to {achievement} So that {confirmation}

  • {role} == group of people
  • {achievement} == what we want to achieve
  • {confirmation} == result of action, acceptance criteria

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AirPohoda applications

AirPohoda Administration – windows app for configuring
download AirPohodaAdministrationSetup
download AirPohodaAdministrationSetup (.NET 4.0, supporting Windows XP = but please consider to upgrade XP is no more supported by Microsoft and so it’s big security risk)
download AirPohodaAdministrationSetup
download AirPohodaAdministrationSetup

iERV – android application
download APK
download APK
download APK
download APK

iERV Administration – android application for configuration, has same functionality as Windows app above
download APK

Device simulator
download ZIP
download ZIP


Replaying PCap to specific network interface

For replaying offline pcap file captured by Wireshark or Windump can be used following tools. On windows was sending throughput lower than on Linux devices, where top speed was done on pcapbulkreplay (300Mbs on lowend 1Gbps network card).



  • tool able to send offline traffic at specific speed (1Mbs, 100Mbs, maximum of interface throughput)
  • To list all available interfaces use –listnics

Example: tcpreplay.exe –listnics

Available network interfaces:
Alias Name Description
%0 \Device\NPF_{DE165B82-8C92-41DD-82DB-0AEF6B8CB7B4}
VMware vmxnet3 virtual network device
%1 \Device\NPF_{99846C37-3FA8-4C69-8DBC-FB80FDA208D2}
VMware vmxnet3 virtual network device

  • to send unmodified traffic to selected NIC use -i %{interface alias}

Example: tcpreplay.exe -t -i %1 c:\Pcaps\taumagic.pcap


sending out \Device\NPF_{99846C37-3FA8-4C69-8DBC-FB80FDA208D2}
processing file: c:\Pcaps\taumagic.pcap
Actual: 1763313 packets (324062931 bytes) sent in 80.99 seconds. Rated: 4001271.0 bps, 30.53 Mbps, 21771.98 pps
Statistics for network device: \Device\NPF_{99846C
Attempted packets: 1763313
Successful packets: 1763313
Failed packets: 0
Retried packets (ENOBUFS): 0
Retried packets (EAGAIN): 0


tcpreplay is much faster than it’s Windows cousin, has same usage